Flagstaff: Little America Hotel

the little america hotel

After a 2.5 hour drive with my parents on the 1-10 and the 1-40, we made it to our one-night place of stay. Glowing radiantly white against the backdrop of pure, Flagstaff night was the Little America Hotel sign right off the interstate. The blue outline and red letters let the patriotic theme stand out. A stark contrast stood beneath it: a large penguin. This image could be a testament to the young man who founded the hotel chain. History says, that after camping in the Wyoming wilderness during a blizzard in the 1890s, he wished he had a warm, inviting refuge to sleep in. Decades later, he saw a picture of Admiral Byrd’s “Little America” while in Antartica, and soon the memories of his time camping in the snowy blizzard wishing for a haven sprang up in mind. He decided to build his own and with the help of Byrd’s inspiration came Little America hotels, which are now spread throughout the western parts of the United States.

fireplace in the lounge

As soon as the car doors opened the freeze could be felt. We ran to the lobby where a giant fire crackled in the back and checked-in. Christmas displays were already up behind protective glass and their hotel shop appeared to be a December calendar photo with pine trees decorated for the season and holiday gifts available for purchase.
We left to find our room among the 247 the hotel offers.

our room

Passing the small gym, and climbing up one level of stairs we located number 229. The room offered a plasma t.v., two queen-sized beds, a table and seating area, as well as a vanity seating area outside the bathroom, which includes plenty of sink-space, shower and toilet.


Little America also provides rooms with fireplaces and wet bars. In the morning, if you have brought warm clothes, there are two miles of walking trails around the 500-acre property to get some healthy exercise in if you don’t feel like hitting the gym. A breakfast buffet is also available in the hotel’s restaurant, Western Gold Steakhouse. Evening time can be spent watching t.v. or having small-talk in front of the fireplace at the Tiffany Tree Lounge, where live music is played. The hotel is located in a quiet setting, but is a close enough drive to the downtown Flagstaff area. Whether for one night, a weekend or a family vacation, Little America is a haven of warmth and comfort the founder dreamed of providing.

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