Right now in Arizona…

This is one of the wettest winters we have had in a long time. Every other weekend the rain seems to creep in and soak us through. We as Arizonans are “happy” for this rain because of our constant state-of-drought we are in. However, many whispers and complaints can be heard among us all that we are sick of it. We want our sunshine back.

The never-ending stream of clouds in the sky has reminded me of my trip up Mount Stanserhorn in Switzerland. This is atop the mountain looking down. We were enveloped in a blanket of clouds. A very good metaphorical image for what I feel like I have been seeing these past few weekends.

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One response to “Right now in Arizona…

  1. Ah, can I envy your weather? haha:) It is supposed to be atumn in Australia but it hardly feels it with weather of sweltering proportions. btw, I really, really like that picture!

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