Wanderings Around the Valley Desert

Apologies for the lack of recent posts but I have been dealing with work and school. However, I have also made quite a few trips to the many mountains surrounding me. I wanted to do a photo post of some of my hikes.
These were from the WaterFall Trail hike I made to the White Tank Mountains.

Due to our incredibly wet winter this year the waterfall actually had water (if you lived here long enough you would know the rarity of such an event)!!

I found a Coontail Rattlesnake on the trail side and it made it’s way across the path.

The skeleton of a saguaro.
The next hike was over at the Thunderbird Conservation Park.
View from atop the mountain. Classic blue, Arizona skies.
I persuaded my family to head on down to the city to hike South Mountain in Phoenix.
Cacti on the side of the mountain.
A lovely bird resting on a rock.
Blooming flowers everywhere.
A gnarly looking saguaro cacti.
A fuzzy looking cacti.


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2 responses to “Wanderings Around the Valley Desert

  1. Now is the perfect weather to go hiking. I should head out to the Superstition Mountains one weekend.

  2. AL

    We should exchange phone numbers because I was planning on heading out that way soon as well. I have a group of friends from work and we all hike with each other. More the merrier!

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