Oriententing Myself

I’m at that point where I am nervous and excited about my move to Ecuador. I have to continually remind myself that I’m leaving this weekend to visit family in Indiana, with a side-dish road-trip to Mammoth Caves in Kentucky.

It will most likely be filled with ups-and-downs because my grandpa just went through a quadruple bypass surgery after a minor heart-attack and, well, let’s just say that side of the family still seems to be going through World War II, which is where the seed for the family-tree was planted.

This will be my only vacation taken all summer and I haven’t even started doing laundry. In my opinion, once you’ve traveled internationally, you lose the excitement of packing for any trip. You wait until the very last night before or the day you leave — depending on the time of departure — to actually put the loads of laundry in the washer and toss a pile of disheveled, wrinkled clothes into a suitcase.

For Indiana and Kentucky, I’ll most likely revert to an Adidas duffel bag and wing it:

  • Shirts – check.
  • Cargo pants than can become shorts with one quick zip – check.
  • Converse – check.
  • Toothbrush – check.

No stress. No worries.

My mind is more focused on Ecuador than anything else. I mean, why wouldn’t it be? I’m practically moving to a foreign country. I’m thinking about money. I’m thinking about the internship – what if I’m not cut out to be a travel writer. I’m thinking I need a full-time job. Why can’t I be normal like my older sister and twin sister. One has been a crime-scene technician for more than a couple years now and loves it. My twin sis just started her career as a teacher today — and I’m still here, going from internship to internship still trying to get the big break.

But isn’t that part of the excitement in not knowing what’s going to happen? Stepping off that airplane and into an entirely different part of the world brings out that adventurous spirit in myself. This is the job I want. This is the office where I want to work. I admire those like my sisters who can take pictures of dead people and have the patience to mold the minds of our future.

However, I want the opportunity to bring cultures to people in all corners of the planet, whether it be in the pages of a geography book, in an online article or in the pages of a travel guide I may have written or contributed to.

At this point, I have to stop wanting and actually do it. This is the dreaming turning into reality.

I will educate people about a variety of languages, food, cultures, music and places they may never have heard about, because maybe, just maybe they’ll think of traveling there one day because of the pictures I have taken and the words I have written.



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2 responses to “Oriententing Myself

  1. Nellaine

    just remember to embrace it all with open arms. And that a lot of pics. i hope you have a great time.

  2. Brock

    I love this post Allison. I can more or less relate to everything you said here. I myself just got back from a trip to Indiana a few days ago, with a a few side trips, one of which was to Mammoth Caves. My grandpa also lives back there and is sick, with cancer rather than heart problems though. I complete agree that traveling within the country loses it’s excitement after you have traveled internationally, I literally packed my bag for Indiana about an hour before I had to leave to catch my plane. I also had that nervous/excitement about going to Ecuador earlier this summer, though, I was only there for a month, and you will be there much longer. Once you’re on your feet down there I bet it will be all excitement. I also understand what you said about careers. Nearly everyone I know who has a career works inside everyday doing roughly the same thing, and while I admire them, I have no desire to do that. Like you, I want to do something where my office is the world, and I consider us fortunate if we get that opportunity. I wouldn’t trade an adventurous internship for the best paying full-time office job there is! You’re at a very exciting point in your life Allison, and I can’t think of anyone who would make a better travel writer.

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