Venturing to Middle Earth in Ecuador

Not only does Ecuador have so much to offer in terms of its megadiversity in geography, being home to the Amazon, Coast, Sierra and Galapagos Islands, as well as numerous active volcanoes (including one of the highest) but it is also where the Middle of the World is located at 00° 00′ 00″  latitude on the equator line.

About 30 minutes outside of Quito is the point on the line, however, it’s not truly where most will lead you to believe. Don’t go toward the huge monument, which was finished being built in 1982, because it is not the correct representation of the middle of the world. The accurate center is actually located 240 meters north of where the line is marked at the “fake” spot. Due to improvements in calculations, mainly in the form of G.P.S. (global positioning system), scientists were able to discover the real center of the world. Unfortunately, many people continue to flock to this tourist trap and straddle the line for the opportunity to have their pictures taken at the Middle of the World.

standing on the middle of the world

Just around the corner (walking distance) is the real Mitad del Mundo (Middle of the World) known as Intiñan Solar Museum, which provides an awesome value. For $3 USD you can take a tour of native Ecuadorian homes, learn about the animals of the Amazon rain forest and partake in equatorial experiments on the equator. The museum is truly off the beaten road, well, most roads in Ecuador are pretty rough, but you walk through brush on a dirt path to get to the site.

You tour the huts and gain an understanding of the sleeping arrangements that were lived back in the early days of Ecuador by the andean people. Children would sleep with their parents until the age of 12, where they could then climb up to a room on the second floor. In a different situation, four to five families would share the hut, organizing it into quarters. Get a glimpse at the weapons that were simultaneously used for fighting with one end of the spear and fishing, which would be the other end.

the process of be-heading and shrinking the head

See boa constrictors and other random water species from the Amazon, especially the non-delightful Candiru’ Fish, which is attracted to urine and will swim up a man or woman’s urethra and grow inside of them. Since it’s claws are backwards, the only way to get it out is my surgical methods. I do not suggest relieving yourself in the Amazon rivers during your treks no matter how badly you have to go.

One of the unique parts of the tour was getting to see examples of shrunken heads, a practice that is no longer in effect in Ecuador. They have posters to graphically show you the method, which make you question humanity all the more.

the water experiment on the equator

However, the best part of the tour is left until the end. The tour guide will tease you with lessons on telling time on the equator and explain how the product harvests and fiestas were calculated by the solar cultures who held the movement of the sun and stars in high regards.

Then, you get to do the fun stuff. Your balance is effected when you are on the equator and trying to walk a straight line with your eyes closed becomes impossible. Water, turns clockwise and counter-clockwise on either the north or south side. Nonetheless, it falls straight down when on the equator. Successfully balancing an egg is such a tremendous feat, that those who can do so, receive a certificate. Favorite part of the entire tour: getting my passport stamped with 00° 00′ 00″ at the Middle of the World.

examples of shrunken heads during the indigenous period

a successfully balanced egg on a nail at the middle of the world


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