Ecuador’s Soundtrack: the noise of Quito

Every city has their appeal: the ancient architecture, the unique food and the differences in interactions with people. Quito is no exception. The stunning, intricate designs of their cathedrals. The way each meal comes with a spicy sauce on the side, that isn’t really spicy at all. The way people greet each other with a kiss on the cheek or pack themselves like sardines on the bus, not minding the close proximity to a complete stranger.  What Ecuador also has is  a constant noise. I have not heard one moment of silence in Quito since I have moved here and wanted to give you a sample of Ecuador’s soundtrack:

These are the sounds that I typically hear on a daily basis in Quito, Ecuador.

Constant dog barking.

Constant car alarms.

Constant whistles.

Almost nightly fireworks.

Lots and lots of church bells.

Just to name a few.


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