The Name

What exactly is a Traveling Bard? Well, this scroll begins…

In a time of ancient gods, warlords, and kings, a land in turmoil cried out for a hero. She was Xena, a mighty princess forged in the heat of battle.

She was first discovered in the journeys of Hercules as a ruthless warlord wreaking havoc on villages all across the lands she traveled. Xena burned homes and killed anyone who stood in her way. Her reputation created fear in the eyes and minds of all who had already had the bad luck of crossing paths with her and those yet to come.

However, after encountering a child in a burned down village, a new path would be chosen. Xena asked the boy where his parents were and he answered in a rather embellished way.

“They were killed by Xena, the Warrior Princess. She came down out of the sky in a chariot, throwing thunderbolts and breathing fire.”

This response had such a profound impact on Xena that she immediately went to bury all the sins of her past: the chakram, her sword and even her signature armor. She wanted to give up that way of life.

At this same moment, some minions of the warlord Draco were trying to take the girls from the village of Potidaea to sell as slaves. Only one was giving them difficulty and she was Gabrielle. The farm-girl was offering herself in an attempt to save the others. She threw punches and kicks when one of the men tried to grab her.

Xena had been watching from behind the bushes. She jumped out and furiously attacked all the men using her aerobatic skills and screaming the intense warrior cry. She grabbed her weapons to use against the bad guys and saved the girls.

While Xena was trying to recuperate in the village, Gabrielle had already become impressed by Xena and was asking her how she did all her moves and telling Xena that she had to teach her everything.

The villagers stormed in and asked Xena to immediately leave. They knew that wherever the Warrior Princess was, trouble would not be too far behind.

Xena left to go home to Amphipolis so she could be with her mother and tell her about her changed ways. Not too long afterward, Gabrielle snuck out of the village to follow the Warrior Princess in the hopes of starting a life of adventure as Xena’s new sidekick.

However, Draco and his army were closing in on the Amphipolis and Xena wanted to warn the people of her home-city. The villagers were upset in the belief that it was Xena’s army getting ready to attack and started to become an angry bunch.

It wasn’t until Gabrielle stepped in to help Xena that it ended.

“Wait, wait, wait! Now, you don’t know me,” Gabrille said. “I’m new in town. But, I can assure you, Xena is a changed woman. I saw her do some heroic things in the name of good.”

After Gabrielle helped save Xena’s life, the two became an unbeatable team helping the Greater Good wherever they traveled. Gabrielle, who was also a bard (storyteller) wrote the tales of their journeys and heroic moments that were told from city to city. Her scrolls created an immortal image of Xena, the Warrior Princess and her loyal sidekick Gabrielle, the Battling Bard of Potidaea.

Thus, came about my name as the Traveling Bard.  I plan to live the same life as Xena and Gabrielle, minus the violence and blood. I will go on many adventures and journeys to share the stories of different people, different lands and different cultures. These will come to be known as The Traveling Bard’s scrolls.


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